With your help and generous spirit, Craft ACT has reached its $50,000 fundraising target!

Thank you to each and every one of our 180 donors and to our whole community who made this possible. It was an ambitious target, but together, we did it.

As Craft ACT moves towards its 50th anniversary in 2021, we were determined to secure our future and the vitality and practice of the craftspeople, designers and audiences who form our vibrant community.

All funds raised in our Fifty@50 campaign will ensure more artists, more audiences and more venues can be part of the Craft ACT story for many more years.

From the bottom of our contemporary craft loving hearts, thank you! With your support we can forge new international collaborations and residencies, invest in artist development and mentoring, and sustain Australia’s high-quality studio practice.

180 extraordinarily generous individuals helped us to meet our target. Thank you to each and every one of you for your generosity and commitment to a handmade and creative future.

View the full list on our website.


This has been Craft ACT's biggest fundraising campaign ever and it couldn't have happened without the support, time and ingenuity of a lot of people and organisations.

The small but mighty Craft ACT team has led the fundraising strategy and implementation. They are, as always, amazing. Please thank Meagan Jones, Kate Nixon, Madisyn Zabel and the whole team when you see them next.

The Craft ACT Board of Management each committed to raising a personal fundraising target of $1000. This was a new area for many board members and we're grateful that they developed new skills and helped us to reach our goal. Thanks to current and former board members: Andrea Ho, Gilbert Riedelbauch, Jennie Cameron, Jenny Edwards, Julie Ryder, Laura Crick, Rachael Coghlan, Rebecca Coronel, Rob Henry, Sari Sutton and Sam Bryant. Together the board team raised $9,055 from 59 donations. 

Finally, thanks to everyone who has been part of the Craft ACT story for the past 50 years, especially to our members who personally donated and/or featured in our fundraising campaign.


BIG thanks to the team at Creative Partnerships Australia who gave Craft ACT matched funding to support the campaign. Creative Partnerships Australia aims assist Australian artists and arts organisations to attract and maintain support from donors and business, diversifying their sources of revenue.

Now that you have helped to raise $50,0000, Creative Partnerships Australia willl hand over an additional $50,000 to Craft ACT to help us to build capacity with a new donor strategy, fundraising tools and resources. We'd like to thank Este Darin-Cooper, the NSW/ACT State Manager at Creative Partnerships Australia for her expertise, energy and enduring support for Craft ACT as we build a culture of giving in our community.

Our Plus 1 campaign has been a great opportunity to develop new skills in fundraising and build capacity in our organisation. For more information about Creative Partnerships Australia's Plus 1 program, visit their website.