We love ACT Parks

This Valentine’s day Craft ACT is sharing our love for ACT Parks, our cherished partner since 2006.

We feel deep gratitude for the expert, dedicated and energetic work of ACT Parks & Conservation Service who have been part of an extraordinary team working to contain the devastating fires in our region and protect our landscape, heritage and wildlife.

We were more than a little teary when we heard the wonderful news that Ready-Cut Cottage in the Gudgenby Valley had been saved. For well over a decade, the Ready-Cut cottage has provided shelter and inspiration for Craft ACT artists-in-residence, giving access to the beautiful environment of Namadgi NP.

So, we are sending big Valentine’s Day love to Namadgi Area Manager, Brett McNamara (one of Craft ACT’s most enthusiastic supporters), the incredible Mel Barton and the whole ACT Parks team.

With love, from

Craft ACT

and our current and past artists-in-residence: Jenni Kemarre Martiniello (2020), Sharon Peoples (2020), Megan Watson (2019), Michelle Hallinan (2019), Sean Booth (2019), Sabine Pagan (2019), Rohan Nicol (2019), Vicky Shukuroglou (2018), Simon Cottrell (2018), Marilou Chagnaud (2017), Cathy Franzi (2016), Sione Maileseni (2016), Ruth Hingston (2015), Jodie Hatcher (2015), Sally Blake (2014), Annee Miron (2014), Satoshi Fujinama (2014), Ceretha Skinner (2013), Michael Brennan-Wood (2013), Christine Atkins (2012), Marily Cintra (2012), Marian Hosking (2012), Antonia Aitken (2012), Kirstie Rea (2009), Paull McKee (2009), Joanne Searle (2006), Paull McKee (2006) and Daniel Maginnity (2006).