Join us for a floor talk with Zoe Brand as she discusses her solo exhibition YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN .

Saturday 18 July, 1:00 - 1:30pm

YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN is a new exhibition of wearable artworks by internationally acclaimed artist, Zoe Brand (NSW). Within her practice, Brand uses jewellery archetypes, ready mades and text to explore the performative nature of jewellery as a device for communication. She sees possibility in mundane, everyday throwaway statements, which she collects, examines and removes them from conversation and builds the text into signs. Brand enjoys drawing upon the ambiguity of language, of the numerous readings and associations that any one word may possess, as well as how the meaning changes when a work moves from wall to body and back again.

YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN is an exhibition where general musings about an unprecedented time are put front and center, multiplied, divided, made colourful and offered anew. Part antidote, part lucky charm and part warning to those closest to us, Brand offers up a series of pieces that straddle the line between the comic and the tragic. YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN is on display at Craft ACT until August 22.

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Above image: YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN, installation view. Photo: 5 Foot Photography Cover image: Zoe Brand, I HOPE IT WORKS FOR YOU, 2020. Photo: Marshall-Brand

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