Place Makers: 2018 Members Exhibition

6 September - 20 October 2018

The 2018 Craft ACT members show will celebrate and explore the Canberra region’s distinct design identity defined by place, craftsmanship and experimentation. 

Placemaking is designing with the past, present and future in mind, to develop identity and pride, and to increase social and cultural capital. Canberra is a city of design and a place of makers who bring skills, knowledge, dedication and commitment to create their craft and nourish our community. Acclaimed designers, makers and craftspeople ­– including jewellers, glass and textiles artists, ceramicists, fashion and furniture designers ­– are globally connected but choose to live, work and make in the Canberra region. For nearly 50 years, Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre has supported these artists and helped to establish a creative and closely-knit community.
PLACE MAKERS is inspired by the thoughts of acclaimed Japanese architect (and distinguished DESIGN Canberra 2018 collaborator) Kengo Kuma: a place is 'rich' not because of its natural environment, resources, or skilled craftspeople but instead gains its value through the relationship between these things.
(Kengo Kuma: Complete Works, p8).

Alice Leda Pettirosso | Andres Caycedo | Angela Bakker | Anita McIntyre | Anne Masters | Annie Trevillian | Avi Amesbury | Barbara Rogers | Belinda Jessup | Bev Hogg | Bic Tieu | Caren Florance (with Angela Gardner) | Cathy Franzi* | Chelsea Lemon | Daniel Venables | Debra Jurss | Dianne Firth | Dimity Kidston | Elliot Bastianon | Emilie Patteson | Fran Romano | Gail Nichols | Gilbert Riedelbauch | Harriet Schwarzrock | Isabelle Mackay-Sim | Janet DeBoos | Jennifer Robertson | Jeremy Lepisto* | Jo Victoria | Jochen Heinzmann | Jodie Cunningham | Julie Bradley | Julie Pennington | Julie Ryder | Kate Nixon | Kirstie Rea | Leonie Andrews | Lia Tajcnar | Lisa Cahill | Lissa de Sailles | Luna Ryan | Madisyn Zabel | Marcel Hoogstad Hay | Marilou Chagnaud | Margaret Brown | Nadina Geary | Nick Adams | Peter Bollington | Phoebe Porter | Rene Linssen & Elliot Bastianon | Richard Whiteley* | Richilde Flavell | Robert Schwartz | Robyn Campbell | Rolf Barfoed | Rose-Mary Faulkner | Rozlyn de Bussey | Ruby Berry | Ruth Allen | Ruth Hingston | Sarah Bourke | Sarah Murphy | Sarit Cohen | Scott Chaseling | Sharon Peoples | Sinead Buckney | Sophi Suttor | Sue Hewat | Susan McGinness | Tamara Schneider | Tania Vrancic | Tom Skeehan | Valerie Kirk | Ximena Briceño | Zoe Brand*

View the works here

Image: Jeremy Lepisto, Enveloped 1, glass. Photo: Rob Little. 
*Cathy Franzi is represented by Sabbia and Beaver Galleries; Jeremy Lepisto is represented by Beaver Gallery; Richard Whiteley is represented by Sabbia Gallery; Zoe Brand is represented by Bilk Gallery.