c/o Craft ACT: 2020 Members Exhibition

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c/o Craft ACT: 2020 Members Exhibition 

29 October - 12 December 2020

Ruth Allen | Leonie Andrews | Rolf Barfoed | Julie Bartholomew | Annette Blair* | Pete Bollington | Sarah Bourke | Julie Bradley | Zoe Brand | Ximena Briceño | Estelle Briedis | Margaret Brown | Lisa Cahill* | Marilou Chagnaud | Sarit Cohen | Wayne Creaser | Rozyln de Bussey | Mark Eliott | Geordie Ferguson | Dianne Firth | Caren Florance | Cathy Franzi* | Sue Gascoigne | Hannah Gason | Fiona Glover | Louis Grant | Kirandeep Grewal | Sue Hewat | Ruth Hingston | Bev Hogg | Marcia Holden | Pamela Irving | Belinda Jessup | Valerie Kirk | Benedict Laffan | Cassandra Layne | René Linssen | Dan Lorrimer* | Nikki Main* | Daniel Margules | Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello | Anne Masters | Isabelle Mackay-Sim | Moraig McKenna | Ann McMahon | Sarah Murphy | Gail Nichols | Peter Nilsson | Melanie Olde | Kanun Onsel | Emilie Patteson | Julie Pennington | Sharon Peoples | Phoebe Porter | Kirstie Rea | Gilbert Riedelbauch | Jennifer Robertson *| Barbara Rogers | Luna Ryan | Julie Ryder | Sam Sheppard | Sophi Suttor | Josephine Townsend | Annie Trevillian | Monique van Nieuwland | Jo Victoria | Tania Vrancic | Hiroshi Yamaguchi | Madisyn Zabel | Marissa Ziesing

c/o Craft ACT: 2020 Annual Members exhibition showcases the current trends in contemporary craft and design and illustrate how care underpins a maker’s commitments. 

In line with the theme of the 7th edition of DESIGN Canberra (9-29 November 2020), the 2020 Craft ACT members exhibition will celebrate and explore the ways that care and caring is valuable and vital for contemporary craft practitioners, artists, designers and makers. 

For the craft sector, as Kevin Murray (independent craft writer and curator) acknowledges, ‘The entry requirement for craft is a universal human capacity — care. This care for the world in using the gifts of nature to sustain and give meaning to our shared existence is an ideal to be found in all cultures.’ 

Curated by Craft ACT, this is showcase exhibition demonstrating the trends in contemporary craft and design in Australia by accredited practitioners from the ACT and surrounding region.

Image: 2020 Members Exhibition detail. Photo: 5 Foot Photography.


*Annette Blair, Cathy Franzi, Nikki Main and Jennifer Robertson are represented by Beaver Galleries, Canberra. Lisa Cahill is represented Sabbia Gallery, Redfern. Dan Lorrimer is represented by Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne.