6:30 Sessions

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6:30 Sessions

3 February - 19 March 2022

Nellie Peoples | Michelle Stemm

This exhibition will feature the work of Brisbane-based designer-makers, Michelle Stemm and Nellie Peoples. 630 Sessions concept evolved out of the Covid-19 lockdowns, which cancelled the pair’s income streams and creative deadlines, and more impactfully, crushed their motivation to make. By taking a small step to hold each other to account, a new home-bound schedule was developed; they decided to ‘meet’ each morning at 6:30 am, in their respective backyards, to observe and draw the outside world.

The exhibition is a result of the original process led, object making. By drawing on the exercises developed in the lockdowns, Stemm and Peoples will construct objects en masse that are simple in design and construction, made from low-cost domestic materials, with experimental surface finishes. The designs will represent a snapshot in time from the backyard they were inspired by.

Image: 6:30 Sessions. Photo: courtesy of the artist.