2023 Artist-in-Residence Exhibition | South Facing

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Artists | Holly Grace + Julie Bradley

The 2023 Artist-in-Residence exhibition showcases the work of Julie Bradley and Holly Grace completed as part of the annual Craft + Design Canberra Artist-in-Residence program at Gudgenby Ready-Cut Cottage in the Namadgi National Park, following a two week research component at the National Portrait Gallery.

The Craft + Design Canberra Artist-in-Residence Program was presented in partnership with ACT Parks and Conservation Service and support provided by the National Portrait Gallery in 2023.

Artist | Holly Grace

Holly Grace has developed a new body of work based on based on concepts on self-portraiture and portraits of a place, themes initially developed at the National Portrait Gallery the collaborative partner for the 2023 residency. During her time in Namadgi she created a digital catalogue of over 5000 photographs and videos. She recorded sounds through a series of blown glass sound receptors based on the inner ear structures of birds and humans. These glass receptors became her acoustic horns, small resonant structures to receive and project nature’s soundscape built from the songs of birds, crickets, frogs, the gentle rush of water and the rustle of wind through eucalyptus leaves and snow grass. 

Holly Grace is represented by Beaver Galleries

Artist | Julie Bradley

Being immersed in the Namadgi National Park, cut off from daily distractions, Julie Bradley made connections to the sparse high country of the Gudgenby Valley through her drawings. Her works in the exhibition represent emotional responses to the quiet, open country, its unique landscape and the time passed in contemplation. Working in gouache and collage, Julie layered her experiences of the intense cold, the silent evenings, the subtle lines and forms of the boulders scattered around and the pure colours that when closely observed, are present in the sky, water, plants and stones of the valley.

Images supplied by artists