Human, Jewellery, Human

Human, Jewellery, Human
Jonathon Zalakos

On display at ANCA, Dickson from  September 22 - October 3 2021

ANCA is pleased to present a solo exhibition by 2020 ANCA Emerging Artist Award Scheme (EASS) winner Jonathon Zalakos.

It was the urge to adorn oneself that defined the human being. This desire in its most pure form looks like jewellery, a practice with no truly rational justification. Jewellery spreads far beyond this idea however, it is the story of our entire civilisation.

It was the crown that made kings. The power of gold, silver, diamonds and rubies inspired authority and organised societies. Jewellery told us that the Earth was greedy for swallowing metals and stones, and that it was our job to tear these materials free. As wealth has increased and become centralised, we have only become more efficient and jewellery continues to flourish. We fight each other too, for jewellery.

Through our hands, jewellery is born. Through our eyes, the spores of jewellery enter our minds. When jewellery fruits, we find outbreaks of gold, shell and stone over our bodies. It then decomposes and is shed from our body, to be replaced by the fruits of the next generation. And yet jewellery is also old and wise. Some jewellery has roots so deep in our persons, families and societies that they have become indistinguishable. When these things speak, it is jewellery’s voice that is heard. Like a parasite and its host, we are reduced to a vessel.

Opening event : Wednesday 22 September from 6:00pm at ANCA Gallery. Free to attend, no bookings required.

ANCA Gallery
1 Rosevear Place, Dickson ACT
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Image: Jonathon Zalakos, Self Portrait, 2021. Digital photograph, 1000x1500px. Photo: Courtesy the artist.