FINK Single Stem Vase (Medium)
FINK Single Stem Vase (Medium)
FINK Single Stem Vase (Medium)

FINK Single Stem Vase (Medium)

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Material: Pressed anodised aluminium

Dimensions: Large 450 mm x 100 mm | Medium 330 mm x 110 x mm | Small 225 mm x 90 mm

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the new FINK Single Stem Vase Collection.

These new vases pay homage to Robert Foster's 2008 lighting installation The Jourey, at ActewAGL in Canberra. For The Journey Robert created 37 individual tusk-like forms he called Ossalites. The Ossaltes were set into a floor housing a sequenced LED lighting system triggered by motion sensors. The Ossalites ranged in height from 1 to 3 metres creating a mesmerising forest of light.

Regrettably The Journey was recently decommissioned. These graceful lights have been much loved and admired, so we thought it fitting to celebrate Robert's legacy by creating these elegant sculptural vases and pay homage to Robert and his Ossalites.

Bengt Cannon was part of a team that worked with Robert on The Journey and has been part of the FINK team for 14 years. Drawing on his experience from work alongside Robert, Bengt has created new tooling, enabling FINK team to produce these unique forms. Bengl has worked assiduously to engineer three different tools to create the three different shape and sizes.

The Single Stem vases are made from aluminum, FINK's signature material, and formed using Robert's unique water forming process. This process allows for the creation of these fluid, organic shapes now synonymous with the FINK aesthetic. Two pieces are formed at a time and each piece is individually hand finished and then anodised. Each vessel has a seam that runs along the arc creating a ridge or backbone. Robert was the backbone of FINK & Co and he instilled in the fabric of the company the importance of creating high quality, unique designs and supporting the Australian design industry. We still live by his values.

These minimal forms are designed to house a single stem flower and the weight of acts perfectly as a counter balance for holding a long-stemmed Australian native. They work beautifully as an individual or collective sculpture, memorializing and celebrate Robert, the individual and the collective Ossalites.

Meet the Maker: F!nk + Co. is a much loved and respected Australian design company with an international reputation for producing world-class tableware, hollowware, jewellery and lighting. It was established by Robert Foster in 1993 with the aim of creating a design and manufacturing business to support and generate opportunities for Australian designer-makers.  

F!NK challenges the notions that functional is boring, and that useful and visually exciting are mutually exclusive.  Simultaneously supremely functional and totally elegant, no two F!NK pieces are exactly the same. Each article is created in small batches of 20 to 100 units and individually hand-finished in the Queanbeyan studio/workshop.  

When commissioned to create a jug by a prominent Canberra restaurant in the 1990s, Robert took aluminium tubing, an everyday sustainable material, and fashioned it into a sleek economically viable product. The Water Jug was the first F!NK product and is still the mainstay of the company. It is a striking practical object and encapsulates the qualities of F!NK + Co.: distinctive design, function and technical innovation.