Making: A Way of Life

27 May - 17 July 2021

Alison Jackson | Dan Lorrimer

Presenting new collaborative work, metalsmiths Alison Jackson and Dan Lorrimer showcase the development, progression and creativity involved in producing small batch edition tableware objects.

Blending small-scale production techniques with one of a kind artwork processes, Alison and Dan will explore the skill of the craftsman along with another, perhaps rarer skill, the art of production. That is, the ability to develop, design, make and bring to fruition a collection that is repeatable and more widely accessible to audiences yet retains the character and an element of uniqueness, a hint of the makers hand, that a unique artwork would hold and is often lacking in massed produced products.

Taking this approach with their making has allowed Dan and Alison to create a financially sustainable career within the industry over the last twelve years.

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