The installation, Shift, will comprise of 100+ timber batons in various sizes covered in eco dyed linen in golden yellow /fleshy tones.
Mariana del Castillo lives and works in Ngambri/Ngunnawal land. Mariana is an Ecuadorian-born, Australian multidisciplinary Contemporary artist. When constructing her sculptures and installations, Mariana primarily uses reclaimed materials that come saturated with meaning. She creates her allegorical narratives by appropriating and transforming symbols and objects. Her tableaux address and question the human condition and the experience of inhabiting the body. This can be seductive and repulsive at the same time. She adopts the language of non-literal reality, where the surrealist strategies of disjunction and a dream-like state prevail. What is discarded and what is saved is always a reflection of how society and individuals value materials. There is a certain serendipity at play in her studio when two disparate objects come together to create the foundation story for one of her constructions.
Photo Courtesy of the Artist

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