Freedom Blue Skies Vessels
Freedom Blue Skies Vessels

Freedom Blue Skies Vessels

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Light plays beautifully with these translucent porcelain vessel, which can also be used as a vase or tea-light holder.

Handmade with various painting and mono-printing techniques, slip cast and hand built. Extra details added with sgrafitto and ceramic pencil. 

Material: Made with Imperial porcelain slip and stains. Polished outside, glazed inside.

Dimensions: Sizes vary from 

About the Maker: Tania Vrancic is a ceramic artist based in Canberra, Australia. Her designs have gained success at high end design markets based in Canberra. Her production work is sold under the name ‘Kittilä by Tania Tuominen’ (her maiden name). In 2016, Tania made the decision to move from production work and focus on creating conceptual artworks.

Creating art is often a journey of self-discovery. I tend to make intuitively with the subtle meaning behind my work unfolding over time.  My earlier work has included the investigation of women of influence through the creation of hand impressed porcelain vases based on my grandmother’s heritage and culture in Finland.  My latest series of work, is reminiscent of mossy, lichen covered rocks and trees found here in Australia and my childhood home, Finland. I enjoy the challenge of working with porcelain and its translucency.