Tesselate Feather | Lime + Blue
Tesselate Feather | Lime + Blue

Tesselate Feather | Lime + Blue

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Material: Fine silk, cashmere, wool

Dimensions: Most scarves are 180cm in length. The widths vary between 16-52cm approximately.

Meet the Maker: Acclaimed internationally for innovative and complex woven textiles, Jennifer Robertson uses a unique purpose built digital handloom and her works span a broad range of textile practice-led research outcomes including sculptural relief and miniature 3D artworks, interior and fashion. 

Thematic research focuses on exploring relationship between environment, human form, interior space and materiality through the use of weaving metaphors and analogies. Investigating the poetic and evocative nature of materials interplay using soft engineering, threads are constructed into often multiple layered structures imbued with sensorial, haptic properties.  

Images: Craft + Design Canberra